My name's Evan, Welcome to my site.

People take pictures for a variety of reasons. For me, photography is about capturing all the energy of an environment and being able to project it again at any given moment through an image. 

I'm all about the culture and I do every thing I can to be apart of it. That's why my work is primarily performances. When I'm working with other artists, I don't think of it as me taking their photos, I think of myself as a part of the experience. I love going to a show, chilling backstage with the artists, and getting hyped with the crowd. 

I've shot billboard artists like Goldlink, Cuban Doll, and Ty Dolla $ign, as well as indie artists like Kamau, Dutch Rebelle, and Vintage Lee. Meeting/working with all these creatives let's me experience lots of productive energy and really inspires me to do more with my art

I'm always down to make new ideas come to life with dope people, so hit me up and let's get to work!